My name is Xenia, and I am a 32-year-old chronically sick woman living in New York. At age 22, I was diagnosed with IBD – Ulcerative Colitis, which was devastating news. Prior to my diagnosis, I had never heard of IBD or met anyone living and suffering from it. I graduated with a degree in web design at 21 years old but fell into a deep depression after my diagnosis. It was not until my late 20’s that I decided to go back to school and receive a degree which aimed to help people as others had helped me. I was able to overcome a lot of obstacles and graduate at 32 years old (2019) with two degrees, Communication Disorders and a Foreign Language.

                I currently work part time in IT field while, trying to get ready to apply for graduate school. I opened this blog to help with self-therapy. I have always been an artistic person and now I will be able to share that with others.


Feel free to contact me: my3enia@gmail.com